I've noticed that my anxiety over the past few weeks has been slowly increasing and it is very likely that it is due to Lauren's appointment at Children's Hospital tomorrow. While all indications around here (constant playing, jumping on her bed and a general go-go-go temperament) suggest that everything will come back just fine, until I hear those words, that niggle in the back of my mind will remain.

Please pray that Lauren's miracles have continued and that there is no further tightening of her aorta present. Last time we went in, her heart was functioning "normally" and the plan was to start to wean her from some of her heart meds at this appointment. We would ask that the Lord let everything go smoothly tomorrow with Lauren's sedation, that they get the clear pictures that they need and that the decisions that they make help her heart to even further recover.

Oh, it looks like we're off to drink imaginary water from the tap of her new play kitchen. We have important business to attend to!

1 comment:

  1. Will be praying all goes well tomorrow and that the results are a normal healthy heart. Love the pic of Lauren with the glasses!


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