While watching TV when Lauren was playing with her toys, Elysha noticed that whenever the commercial for  Disney's Secret of the Wings came on, Lauren when totally still and focused on the television. The only other thing she likes that much on tv is the new Apple ipod commercial because it's essentially a bunch of bouncing colours. When I went to Costco I found the movie and much to my chagrin found myself purchasing it. I had planned to only introduce her to strong female role models and fun puppets like Fraggles but no, princesses and fairies it is. Why fight it?

Lauren got to watch some of Tinkerbell's latest movie in the hospital last week. Elysha's friend, Heather, made Lauren's day month by buying her a Tinkerbell doll. The doll is bigger than she is and Lauren lights up like a Christmas light when we pull her out. She splits her time between chewing on the shoes, studying the pompoms, playing with her skirt and shark-attacking her wings with her two little teeth.

Lauren likes to play with her in her bouncy chair:

She likes to play with her while we do the laundry before going out in her stroller: 

And she likes to take stroller trips with her new friend enjoying the ride beside her:

That magical fairy dust has put a spell on my daughter. The princesses will be next, I'm sure. 

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