As the daughter of a librarian, I would expect her to know better, but Lauren's favourite way to enjoy books is by eating them. We sit in her rocking chair together and I'm sure that it looks incredibly precious to anyone who might happen by (in my mind it is exactly like a Hallmark card) and I pull out her favourite board book. As we snuggle in close, feeling the cozy warmth of each other under her pink blanket, she snatches the book from me and frantically shoves the corner of it into her mouth. Typical.

I'm supposed to be developing in her an early love of the written word but she only seems interested in eating the written word. I have now decided that Lauren will only be reading a handful of previously chewed books until she decides that books are for enjoying with the eyes and ears, not the mouth. Then the real fun will begin as we start on the hundreds of books that I have waiting for her and I to enjoy together.

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