My favourite part of the day is not one that can be captured with a photograph. I take so many pictures each day but there is one thing that I can't hold on to with an image. My favourite part of the day is putting Lauren to sleep. I often do this with my eyes closed myself so a photo wouldn't help me remember this time because I use my other senses.

My favourite part of the day is when Lauren collapses her tired little body against my chest. She rolls her head in close and tucks it safely under my chin. Her fine hair dances across my cheek and I get to smell the sweetness of her head. One little hand tangles itself in my hair and she lets out a low laugh as she holds on and closes her eyes. She knows that I am there with her and she brings my hair in to her face. There is a slight nodding of her head that rocks against my cheek as she soothes herself by sucking on her two fingers. My hand resting on her back feels her breath as it slows and grows steady and deep. My other hand tucked under her arm feels the comforting rhythm of her heart and I pray my daily prayer of thanksgiving to God. The weight of Lauren on my chest, like a soft warm blanket, feels perfect as if she was designed to fit exactly there, which I know she was. I feel her toes slow their constant wiggle as she drifts off to sleep and her final deep sigh lets me know that I can put her down. Instead of releasing her to her dreams, I usually wait a few minutes more just to cherish this picture that I work to burn into my memory because no photograph can ever contain it. My favourite time is elusive and I know that one day it will be gone but until then I will look forward to it and enjoy every breath, heartbeat, sigh, and ounce of my beautiful little (sleeping) girl.

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  1. Amanda, what a beautiful word picture! It sounds so beautiful.


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