At the hospital on Wednesday we challenged Lauren with some more solid food. She successfully ate mixed vegetables with a plastic spoon so that is what we have been doing ever since. We found some plastic spoons, like those you would use at a Wendy's restaurant, and Lauren holds one and we feed her with another. It ends up being a huge mess when she inadvertently spoons the food out of her mouth and all over the floor but that's what we have a dog for. He needs to have some up side to the whole fur pulling, ear grabbing, baby monster thing. Hopefully we continue on the right path with this.

1. "Here's your spoon, Lauren."
    "Thanks, Dad."
 2. "Oh, I don't know what I think about that!"

3. "Hold on. Let me flap a little bit." 

4. "Oh yeah, that's not so bad!"

5. "Let's try that again. But don't push it too much, big boy, or it will be coming back out and we know who will be cleaning it up then, don't we? ...Mom."

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