According to Lauren...

...your bum is actually called your bump

...a penguin is still called a mey-mey

...everything is "MINE!" and by mine I mean all hers

...Elyse is cuuuute, Mom is cuuuute, Dad is cuuuute and Lauren is pretty

...the only acceptable colour to wear is pink

...dinosaurs are also cute

...when you smell a fart, you should yell, "SKUNK!"

...fruit and vegetables are poison

...the best movies are Robin Hood (the Disney version) and Cinderella

...you should try to watch said movies every. single. day. (Though chances are, Mom and Dad won't let you)

...you should only accept anything - food, toys, rocks, etc - that you would consider a "tiny baby"

...all crows should be chased

...direction doesn't matter so you are always going up the stairs, even if you are going down

...helmets can be worn as accessories and are acceptable attire for any occasion or outing

...if no acceptable pink shirt or dress can be found, a dress or shirt with a kitten on it is also acceptable

...you should chase any and all crows

...eagles are eagles and seagulls are sea eagles

Life as a two and a half year old is full of fun!

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