There have been concerns with Lauren's speech, or lack thereof, in the past year. Last September, she only had a few words and we were primarily using sign language with her because she was so frustrated with her inability to communicate. How things have changed!

Over Christmas, Lauren started using more words and we were so excited for her. She still made use of sign language but she got some important key words and could communicate her needs with us. 

Now? She doesn't stop! Last week we had an appointment with a speech therapist who said that Lauren's speech is at average or above average. Average sounds great to me!! She is using 4-5 word sentences, uses "you", "I" and "me" properly, has a significant number of verbs that are used in the proper context and her identification of people, animals and objects is well over another hundred words. 

Lauren has never struggled with comprehension, so her understanding of language was not a concern but her ability to use her mouth to create the words was delayed. But no longer! 

Her pronunciation of words is now what we're working on next. There are some things that she says wrong that are endearing and others that shouldn't be said in public.

Some examples:
choc-nee: chocolate
pock-nee: pocket (we hear this anytime she sees a rock because she wants to pick all of them up and put them in a pocket to take home. The number of rocks that have gone through my washing machine is out of control!
whurizit: where is it?
thereizit: there it is!
seedown: sit down
weg: leg
Rauren: Lauren
maggic: when you ask her to say the magic word. Sometimes you get "please maggic" instead.
mey-mey: penguin (don't ask me about this one. I have no idea how this came about!)
bey-BEY: baby
Onga: Opa
da du wah: thank you (though she also says this correctly sometimes as well)
hore!!: Tim Hortons (not a good one for public) *Note: Matt swears that she says "hort!!" but I don't know that I've heard the "t" and I've listened very carefully though he is the one who takes her there once a week for daddy/daughter dates.

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