Matt has been working so hard lately studying for his CFA exam (which is tomorrow!). He's been studying in every spare minute since January and we all can't wait for it to be done. Last weekend, Matt spent all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning at a CFA bootcamp and then he raced over to BC Children's Hospital to be a part of the Miracle Weekend. Around 3pm, he was on TV for a short interview and I was lucky enough to catch it live. He was asked a bit about Lauren and he briefly told her story and then he was asked what Children's Hospital means to him. I lost it and started crying when he said that they gave us "hope and joy" because that describes so much of what Lauren is to us. (And I might be a little bit hormonal.) 

After Lauren's nap, we rushed to get down to the hospital so that Lauren could join Matt on the reveal of what the Banks Committee had raised for the hospital. She was a grumpy bird because I had to wake her up from her nap in order to get there on time. That changed when she got her first taste of Slurpee. 

Matt's goal as a Miracle Maker was to raise $3000 and thanks to incredibly generous donations of many people that he works with and for and many people who read the blog, he raised over $5000 in donations! We're thinking big for the future and we want to give back in a huge way so stay tuned for some upcoming ideas that we have for how we can really make an impact for BC's Sick Kids. (PS - This will be a long term goal so don't expect something by next week. All I'm planning to do next week is maybe pop out a baby).

Aside from the Slurpee, Lauren was pretty excited to see a bouncy castle at the event. I think she stayed in there for a good 20 minutes, successfully dodging us as we tried to reach in and grab her any time that she came close to the exit. Those 20 minutes were such a nice time to catch up with Matt and I didn't mind that she kept veering away from us to keep bouncing. It has been hard to have him constantly studying when he's not working. I've missed him and he's missed us, but I'm so impressed with how he's stuck to it and how much hard work and brainpower he has put into being able to do his best tomorrow. It is a ridiculously hard exam so we will be praying for clarity of mind, that he remembers all of the things that he has studied so hard over the last many months and peace about the outcome of the test. If you could send up a quick prayer as well that would be wonderful. While I hope he passes, I'm just looking forward to having him back. My family has been amazing by helping to keep Lauren and I company, especially as my hugely pregnant belly makes it tougher and tougher to take care of Lauren (she's a fast runner when we go for walks), but it will be a nice break for them as well not to have to babysit the two of us anymore. 



  1. What a wonderful stage of your lives! All the best to Matt tomorrow and to you in the coming weeks! Take care and keep loving!

  2. Congratulations Matt on surpassing your fundraising goal. Saying a prayer for you as you write your exam. Also prayers as the baby is due. Praying all goes well and both Mom and babe are healthy. Lauren is so much fun to read about. She's a hoot!


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