And here is this year's mall Santa photo. There were three little ones this year because Harrison's mom had another little baby this year. Next year, we'll have to find a way to fit four kids in there with Santa!

It was the same amazing Santa as last year... though after this one, he may decide to hang up the hat. Look at the poor man's face. There is no way that he gets enough milk and cookies to make this worth it.

And we just laughed and laughed.

I'm sorry, Lauren.

However, as soon as the photo was done, Lauren was happy as a clam.
We all went to get the free ice cream that came with the experience and, since she almost never gets ice cream, maybe she will like Santa a bit more next year. But probably not.

1 comment:

  1. I will join in your laughter....hahaha! Maybe third time's a charm so I look forward to next year's picture.


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