At Lauren's last gastro appointment, the doctor dangled the idea that it was unlikely that Lauren really needed her domperidone. He stated that it only works in 10-20% of people anyway so it was unlikely that it was really helping her. She has been on it for over a year now and she takes it 3 times a day so getting her off of it would be lovely. He suggested that we wean her over a few days and then see what it was like without it. If there were any effects, they would happen quickly since it is a fast acting drug.

The other night at 1am, with Lauren still up and having tummy issues that made her feel like she needed to eat constantly to help what she was feeling, we decided that she is in fact part of that 10-20%. She was first put on the medication because she would vomit and there would be food coming up that she had eaten over 5 hours before. Her stomach and intestines just don't do a very good job of moving food along and the domperidone, as much as we would love for her to be med free, seem to help things move properly and for her to be able to regulate her feelings of fullness and discomfort. I'm sure that one day she will be able to be free from her meds, but that day certainly isn't here just yet. When I was pregnant with Lauren, I swore that I would try to do everything I could to keep her from taking any medication that she doesn't need to so sometimes it is hard to see her on so many meds, but at least we know that they are medications that she needs. And in the end, if it helps to make her life better, I will continue to fill those syringes every night for as long as she needs it. It also makes my life better because it means that we all get the sleep that we so badly need.

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  1. Sorry that Lauren couldn't go off her meds. On the other hand I'm glad that there are meds to help her. Digestive issues are very uncomfortable. I know from years of experience. Enjoy your last days of vacation.


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