Two and a half year olds are crazy! She goes from happy to sad in seconds (please note that she will be out for a walk, running along, laughing and then she is suddenly standing dejected for no reason saying, "I sad." When asked why, she does a big sigh and, exhaling, says, "A-cause."). She (literally) runs in circles, her average speed is break neck and she does. not. stop. talking! It is fun and exhausting at once.

Here are some other of her latest Laurenisms...

She points to my eyebrow. "Mom has an eyebrow." Then points to her own. "Rauren has a rainbow."

She's started being a mini-hoarder. Every day she selects two or three objects and they must accompany her everywhere. And they are not practical objects. Today it was her Cinderella stuffie, an orange bouncy ball and a blue piece of ribbon.

Lauren loves brushing my hair. She loves it much more than I do. She's not very good at it.

Any time she hears music, I get pulled to my feet and we must dance. There is no choice in the matter.

And now she wants me to take turns doing somersaults with her. Adults shouldn't do somersaults. There is something unnatural about them.

Potty training is going really well. That's how she earns her Halloween candy. I would like to thank the neighbourhood for funding my child's toilet habits.

Lauren has begun to understand that mealtimes are the time for conversations. She's not quite clear about how that works. She will interrupt everyone to say, "No, I talk to   insert name here  .... People say yeah." Then she looks at you expectantly. Yes, Lauren. People say yeah. I have no idea where that comes from.

Monday mornings are the only time for grocery shopping. Lauren and I each pull our own baskets and she decided what items go into her basket and what items go into mine. And at some point in the trip, she wanders over to the shampoo area and plunks a Cinderella shampoo into her basket. We now have Cinderella shampoo in every bathroom in our house and my parents house. It's a good thing it smells nice.

If I want Lauren to do anything, eat anything or pick anything up, I need to tell her it is a tiny baby one. Here Lauren, eat this bite of egg. No. It's a tiny baby bite of egg. Okay. And she eats it. The piece of egg did not change.

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