Sisters. When I decided that, yes, in fact I did want kids, I dreamed of having sisters. Two little girls who would play together, stick up for each other and sneak cookies while the other stands as lookout. There's so much in life for little girls to learn, so many secrets to whisper and dreams to share.

When we found out that Elyse was coming along, I let my brain run wild with visions of sleepovers in the living room, tea parties and fits of giggles. Then the reality of Lauren losing her status as one and only hit me. How would she actually be with Elyse? Would she be jealous? Begrudging? Hostile? Or would she accept Elyse into our lives and our hearts?

Thankfully Lauren has been even better with Elyse than I dared to hope. She snuggles up to her every chance she gets, announces to anyone within earshot how cute she thinks Elyse is, and includes Elyse in everything possible. Her eyes light up when I tell her that Elyse is awake and she runs into her room to reach through the bars of the crib while cooing, "Hi, babyyyyy!"

Lauren tells anyone who will listen - at the next table, walking through the store or not paying any attention to her at all until she calls their attention - that Elyse is, "Sooooo cuuuuuute!" Heaven forbid they not agree.

She enjoys cuddling close to Elyse when she is a bit tired, places her fingers in her mouth and gently sucks on her fingers while caressing the side of the baby's face. I love that Elyse is Lauren's happy place and one of the centres that her life revolves around. While Elyse will crane her neck to follow Lauren's movements around the room and I know soon enough she will be trucking around right after her. My prayer and hope for the two of them is that they continue to live as if they are in a dance together, constantly close and always coming back to reconnect and hold each other tight.

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