Elyse has been growing and gaining weight like a champ. I like to joke that instead of making breast milk, I make breast ice cream. Since I have decided to go cold turkey on the ice cream (much to my chagrin), one could have been worried that Elyse's weight gain might have dropped. Not so, my friends.

It was strange the other day when I realized that Elyse at three months weighs more than Lauren did at seven months. How crazy is that?! When Lauren came out of the hospital, she weighed less than 11 pounds at 6 months old. Now, she is still lean but she is above average for height. There are worse things to be than blond, blue-eyed, tall and thin. (We are in so much trouble!)

Elyse continues to be the world's easiest baby. She very rarely cried and when she does, it is usually because she needs to go to bed and even then it is only really fussing as opposed to crying. A real cry usually means pain (like when she had her first set of immunizations and I saw her cry with tears for the first time).

Elyse has started to suck her thumb as well. It has made it so much easier for her to go to sleep. She simply pops her thumb into her mouth and within minutes she is out like a light. Fingers crossed that this encourages her to sleep more than three 20 minute catnaps throughout the day. I could really use some long nap time to recharge and have some baby free time (not that it is hard when she's awake so I'm not really complaining).

Lauren's favourite toy when she was a baby was her playmat (does that count as a single toy?) and Elyse has now discovered the excitement of that mat. Lauren still enjoys popping down for some time on the playmat with Elyse but now Elyse has started to be a bit of a tiny, strong-fisted hair puller. This playmat gives me some time when I need to get stuff done and Baby Squish refuses to sleep. I should make the house boring. Obviously there is too much to see and she doesn't want to miss a moment of it.

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