... and you write a blog that your children might read in the future, you should probably just post pictures. 

Maybe next time there will be words again.

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  1. Hi! It's Jackie, who you met at Joel and Fiona's wedding, with Sara B, and I was a blog fan stranger... Remember? I was pregnant?
    Anyway, I read this a few days ago and I've been thinking about you lots ever since so I just thought I'd comment. First, your kids are adorable; cute pics as usual and congrats on the baby! And second of all, I HEAR everything you are not saying. My baby is 9 months old, and my toddler is Lauren's age, and it has been so much harder than I thought it would be with the two of them. Babies are just hard, and my toddler is just a ridiculous amount of work.
    Anyway, I wrote this (http://twofunmoms.com/2014/06/dear-first-time-parents-of-babies-youre-doing-something-wrong/) about baby sleep a little while ago, if you're interested. It will provide you with zero answers, but maybe will make you feel better about how babies are hard for everyone? Even though she is your second, of course. Thanks for the blog; I'm still enjoying it, and I love Elyse's name.


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