We are so lucky with Elyse. So far, other than the puking issue, she is a super chill baby. Of course, we are exhausted, but it could be so much worse. For the first week and a bit, she wasn't sleeping very much at night and I had to hold her in order for her to sleep but over the last few nights, she has been sleeping in two and a half to three hour stretches through the night. I'm almost afraid to write about it for fear that it will change, but really I'm hoping that it will just get better and better. 

Lauren is still in love with Elyse. She constantly asks where her baby is and showers Elyse with kisses. We're working on a "no touching while she's sleeping" rule but so far we're having little luck with that.

Oh, and we're also working on a "no jumping on the mattress and screaming "Ta da!" when you dismount" rule.

Elyse went for her one week checkup. She has gained 10 ounces since we got home from the hospital! She's got a seriously big belly and her cheeks are starting to get nice and chubby.

I'm almost done the antibiotics. Each day I'm feeling a little bit stronger. I have another checkup with the doctor next week and until then, life will just keep trucking along. Matt has been home with me since Elyse has been born and tomorrow he goes back to work. I'm just going to keep my fingers crossed that the girls nap at the same time tomorrow! Everyone can do a little wishful thinking now and then.

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