I have taken a break from blogging to spend time taking a break for myself. Over the past two weeks, I've enjoyed Spring Break with and without Lauren. In a regular week, I normally bring her to daycare 3 days a week and during Spring Break I still did that. On those days I got errands done, went for runs, took a nap and generally just enjoyed my time to myself. It would only end up being a few hours a day, but it was what I needed to recharge my batteries before the new baby comes in the next two and a half months. I also spent time working on the baby's room. It isn't totally ready yet but I'm so excited about where it is headed.

This photo is already weeks old now but here is my 26 week photo. I pulled out my tripod and camera remote and took advantage of a Lauren-free time to take this photo.

The baby bump is huge! I'm carrying really high which is nice because I don't feel very pregnant unless I walk past a mirror or I don't know where the closest bathroom is. Carrying so high means that running is still going well. I'm slower, but I'm still getting out there regularly. I ran almost every day during Spring Break which was better than I expected to do. Today my doctor said that unless I'm in labor, I can run as long into the pregnancy as I want.

Now it is back to the reality of work until the baby comes. What a wonderful time we had during Spring Break though. I love that I cherished my time alone and I treasured each moment with Lauren. She really brightens my days.

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