When Lauren got sick around her birthday, it was a bad cold. She was on the couch sick for almost 5 days and then she had a terrible cough for over a week after that. The whole thing seemed to take a lot out of her. Honestly, Matt and I started to get worried. I'm not a doctor. I don't pretend to be. And I live in this state of "What if something goes wrong with her heart and I can't tell?"

On Monday, Lauren had a check up with her pediatrician. This doctor works at Children's Hospital as well and chat son the regular to Lauren's cardiologist. When we walked in, her congratulated me on the baby to be and knew my due date. It's a small world. 

We went over how Lauren has been doing and some of the activities that she regularly does. I try to do some sort of special thing with her each day, be it going for a walk to see the ducks, painting, going swimming or doing some baking. I was telling him about what we've been up to and how active she is and he stated, "Well, it sounds like her heart is doing fine!" I think that with those words he single-handedly lifted a weight that I was carrying around but trying to pretend wasn't there. I hate living in that place of worry, but without all of the fancy machines to see inside of Lauren, how can we know that she is okay? What if, what if, what if.... What ifs are exhausting and neverending! The doctor gave me the ability to look at her overall picture and assess that, yes, she is in fact doing fine. Sometimes she is tired, but sometimes so am I and my heart is fine. Sometimes she is grumpy or doesn't sleep but those can be attributed to so many other things. Most of the time she is great. 

My active, energetic and fun little girl is doing great. So great, in fact, that today she was discharged from one of the professionals who has been following her development. That's right, she's all caught up! This little girl is going to do amazing things. 

Here are some pictures of what we have been up to...

Bathtub painting. Not the best Pinterest idea ever.
New sunglasses that she actually keeps on her face. She didn't even want to take them off to let the cashier scan them.

Taking a break during gymnastics.
 Professional bubble swatter in the making.
Lauren loves to go visit the ducks. I would say that she goes to feed the ducks except she usually chooses to eat whatever I bring for us to give them while yelling at them about how excited she is.

Lots of colouring!

Taking a break, using mom's built in armrest. How convenient.

Giddy up cowgirl.

First time painting and it's a good thing that we did it outside!

Walking with her bud.
 Making chocolate pudding.
 Rainy day play with Austin. Best friends.

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