Lauren has started Speech Therapy again. She did a few sessions at the end of summer last year but I felt like once we had some sign language established with her we could just leave it at that and let her develop naturally. We were also still seeing quite a few doctors and specialists and it was just too much. I wanted time with Lauren as a regular little girl. And she did so well just being regular! In September, she slowly became less resistant to trying language and over Christmas Break she picked up a dozen new words. The improvement was amazing. Her trajectory has continued. One month ago, we estimated her number of words at 30-40. A few days ago, I wrote a list of all of the words that Lauren says without prompting and I got up to 75! What an improvement.

In the last few days, the word that we keep hearing is, "Snow!" and it is no wonder why. This is the first real snowfall that she has been able to play in and explore and Matt and I spent many hours outside with her building snowmen and forts, throwing snowballs and making snow angels. While it is a pain for driving, seeing the snow through Lauren's eyes makes it seem so magical.


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