When Lauren was only two days old I saw it... the Stink Eye. I don't think she gave it to me on purpose but, nevertheless, there it was. Her little baby eyebrow raised, while she looked at me with a cold, assessing look and pulled that mouth into a pout. I knew I was in for it.

Last weekend, at Thanksgiving dinner, Lauren needed to go for a time out and, from across the room, there it was again, but now it is the year-and-a-half, doing-it-on-purpose stink eye.

Thankfully the stink eye is sprinkled with other expressive faces as well. One of her other most expressive times is whenever she is trying to pull things apart. Lauren found a piece of tissue in Aunty Elysha's shopping bag the other day and proceeded to rip it with a slew of facial expressions.


Lauren might kill me for this one day.


  1. I'm loving Lauren's expressions! Especially the ones where she is trying real hard. She continues to make me laugh at times but I'm not on the receiving end of the stink eye.

  2. Yeah. I usually end up laughing too. There's not much else that I can do!


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