Since returning to work and trying to balance that and being a mom and cleaning those pesky toilets, I have put She's A Miracle on hold. But now I have incredibly exciting news...

One thing that Matt and I are focused on is not moving past Lauren's sickness in a way that allows us to forget others who are still in the hospital. I've been brainstorming ways that I can give back and random donut drops isn't enough. Instead, I've hooked up with people in the hospital to offer a sale in the She's a Miracle shop that I'm so incredibly excited about... and just in time for Christmas!

I'm excited to announce that for every bow purchased between now and Christmas, either in person or online, a matching item will be donated to a little girl undergoing treatment in Children's Hospital. My goal is to give more bows to the hospital than I currently have in stock. That means that, not just girls on the cardiac ward, but also little ladies on many other wards will be able to choose a bow for themselves to hopefully bring smile to their faces and some joy to their day.

Over the next few days I will be adding to the Etsy shop so that all of the feather bows are listed there as well. Those ones are perfect for big girls too. I often wear one when I wear a messy bun to fancy things up a little bit. Keep an eye on the shop!

(This beautiful photo was taken by Heather of Heather Eastwood Photography. I think we will be using her soon. Her images are so gorgeous and there might be a reason coming up to get some photos done....)

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