Our life has fallen into a rhythm that keeps us busy every day and has days flying past. Matt is studying full time for his CFA exam (on top of working full time) and I am on mom duty. We are both in survival mode and that is why the blog has been pushed to the back burner. By the time that the evening comes, the photo editing and writing seems like a daunting task. That and our lives are kind of boring now. Our girls are healthy (Praise the Lord), our days are filled with naps (and trying to get kids to nap) and our nights are filled with exhausted moments together. I do have some things to write about over the next few weeks including a new ALCAPA baby (not mine!) and some special events that we have shared together.

PS - When I saw Lauren in the garden like this and asked her why she had taken her shoes off, I was informed that it was so that they wouldn't get dirty. Toddler logic at work.

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