Lauren has been in the process of the preschool application process. It is a pretty long and quite involved process. Matt and I are so excited about her going to preschool. We think that she is absolutely ready for the learning that she will experience and we have her signed up for the best preschool in the city (I may be biased but I don't think my bias makes this statement untrue).

We were told while Lauren was in the ICU that due to her time without a heartbeat, she may have learning issues that will show up anytime between now and grade 2 or 3. Over her hospital bed, we decided that we would do anything for her, including early intervention and the many programs that she has gone through for her development up until now, to ensure that she is able to be as successful as possible. This preschool is part of our commitment to her.

So after an Open House and a parent classroom observation, I packed Lauren up last week and we headed to the school for a child classroom visit. I was so excited to bring her.... and it was a GONG SHOW. My child was that child that makes all the other parents say, "At least my precious Henry wasn't acting like that kid." She was grumpy and crying and floppy (ugh, the toddler floppy. Their secret weapon) and defiant and awful. She's been like this for the past week so I don't know why I expected her behaviour to be any different but apparently I like to set myself up for unpleasant surprises.

It's a very good thing that I have worked for this preschool because otherwise we would not be getting in. Thankfully I get a staff benefit and the teachers have all met Lauren before when she wasn't being a holy terror.

To the other parents at the Child's Visit, you're welcome. Your kid looked like an angel because of mine and you went home feeling more assured that he would be getting in. My kid was that kid. And I'm sure I looked like a crazy mom trying to deal with her while balancing a baby on my hip.

It's good that this is not how she normally is and, rest assured, she won't be like that when she is actually in preschool, but I'm glad that we are already in because otherwise I'd be looking for a different preschool for her. Oh Lauren. What a monkey.

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