I guess, technically, the nights that we stayed at the Easter Seals house while Lauren was in the ICU were our first baby free nights but, in my mind, those ones don't really count.

On Saturday, my mom and Elysha watched Lauren while Matt and I had 24 hours sans baby. What did we do? First he played Halo, while I read a book that I was dying to read. Then we ate and headed downtown for dinner, a lovely walk in the city and a night away in a hotel. It was so nice to spend time together and not have to worry about bath time routines.

Lauren had a blast at my mom's. They went swimming, played at the park and went for walks. I was worried that Lauren might not sleep through the night but she was so exhausted that she didn't even make a peep. Why doesn't she do that for me?

All that being said, both Matt and I were looking forward to picking her up on Sunday morning. He pointed out that much of our conversation was about Lauren but I swear we talked about other things as well. Oh well, even if we did, she is a big part of our lives so I guess we'll let it slide.

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