Lauren and I both spent the week trying to adjust to our new schedules. It is nice that I don't start work until later so we can be pretty chill in the morning and spend lots of time being together. By Thursday, Lauren was over it. Her daycare woman, K, called me in the afternoon to ask if lots of crying could hurt Lauren's heart. As a cardiac baby's mom herself, she remembered the strict instructions not to let your heart baby cry. And mine was crying up a storm. I guess Lauren realized that spending time apart a few days a week isn't a special thing, it is a regular thing now. I don't think I've ever left school faster than I did that day. I miss Lauren through the day as well!

Yesterday, we got to celebrate our day together by taking Lauren to get her shots. Blah. Even though her pediatrician said it wouldn't help, I went out and bought the Emla numbing cream that they used when she got her shots in the hospital. Lauren was a little frustrated that I was wrapping her limbs in saran wrap to keep the cream on but it totally paid off. There wasn't a single tear! The nurse said that it was the first time she had seen this in an 18 month old.

Lauren before her shots:

After her shots! Note the dry eyes?!
 Waiting to see if she has a reaction to them. Does super hyper running count as a reaction?

Later that day, we paid for it though. Lauren spiked a fever (I know that's good because it shows that her immune system is doing its job) and she spent the rest of the night on Tylenol, whining, crying and refusing to leave my arms. Sometimes, TV is such a welcome distraction. Tangled was popped in and finally we settled Lauren enough that she could go down for the night (though I couldn't brag about her sleeping through the night last night. At least that isn't a regular thing now!).

Hopefully next week is easier on her than this one was. But, hey, at least this is normal hard stuff for a little kid. I love being able to call my daughter normal.

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